Chiropractic Care in Andrews & Seminole, TX

Andrews & Summers Chiropractic offers everything from general to advanced chiropractic adjustments for patients of all ages. We provide the community with treatments of pain stemming from spinal issues. From joint disorders that form over time, to injuries that happen in an unexpected accident, we will work alongside you to create a care plan that will help you live with fewer everyday aches and pains.


Our office offers x-rays on site so that we can take an accurate and recent look at exactly what is going on with your spine. After 35 years in practice, we’ve seen and treated many different ailments, giving us the ability to come up with a solution that best solves your pain. If you are a constant sufferer of migraines with no idea where they stem from, a chiropractic adjustment just might be the headache relief you didn’t know you needed.


From your neck to your ankle and everything in between, we can put it back in its proper position and take away pressure and pain that has been affecting your life. Call us for more information about a consultation and how we know we can help you. Schedule your appointment today and take back your life!

Non-Invasive Techniques

Not all healing has to come from surgical treatment. At Andrews & Summers Chiropractic, we focus on using efficient non-invasive adjustment techniques to bring you relief.    

Experienced Team

With three doctors, our chiropractic team has more than 71 combined years of experience and expertise. Choosing a team with years of knowledge can make all of the difference in the care you receive.


In all our work, our biggest focus is always to provide you with the most satisfactory results available for your specific circumstance. Your comfort and well-being is our priority, and it is what keeps us going every day.