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DOT Physicals and Drug Tests

  • We perform DOT/MedCard physicals by appointment or as walk-ins where time is available. One time charge is $110.00.
  • Corporate accounts can be arranged and the cost is $100.00 each.
  • Each is billed at the time by fax or email. Payment can be made once per month.
  • Both DOT and non-DOT rapid drug testing are available. Call for pricing!



Acupuncture is a process that affects the body’s electromagnetic function. Our bodies make electricity and so we have a magnetic field. Acupuncture works directly on the brain from research and pain is felt in the brain. It is a powerful tool in pain relief, often when other methods fail. The needles are as thin as a hair. We use sterile, one time use needles that are laser polished and very sharp. Most people don’t feel the needles at all. 

Kinds of Acupuncture

There are different kinds of Acupuncture that we use in our office depending on the problem. We treat musculoskeletal (bone and muscle based) problems like migraines, sciatica and low back pain, shoulder and knee pain and we have an electrical analysis to evaluate overall function. We may use needles, electronic or cold laser type treatment. Call us about YOUR problem to see if we can help.

Treatment of Pain

In some areas, it is a common practice to do what the Orientals call “Surrounding the Dragon” i.e. pain. We do most of the local acupuncture points surrounding the painful site. This is particularly useful on shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands, hips, knees, ankles and feet. However, in some techniques the treatment points may be on the opposite end of the body or the opposite side of the body.

Acupuncture analysis

Acupuncture analysis (Japanese style) is called Ryodoraku and we balance the body’s electromagnetic field utilizing these traditional concepts. We measure with an electrical resistance meter. The major bands of energy are easily and quickly measured, graphed and imbalances are found. Anything 3,000 years old has validity, but now we have more modern research to demonstrate effectiveness like PET Scans (which measure electrical activity in the brain), MRI Angiography (which measures blood flow in the brain) and post treatment blood values for endorphins (which are your body’s own natural pain killers produced by the brain). 

Dr. Kathleen Summers has been practicing Acupuncture as a part of Chiropractic practice since 1988. She is certified through the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture and has been a member of the American Academy of Integrative Pain Management since 1997.